About letter to the Minister's niece Linh

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Tóm tắt: Recently, Vo Thi My Linh (nickname Va Li), girls born in 1989, has shared about learning English student Nepal.

Recently, Vo Thi My Linh (nickname Va Li), girls born in 1989, has shared about learning English student Nepal.

Về bức thư gửi Bộ trưởng của cháu gái Mỹ Linh
Vo Thi My Linh and children Nepal

Last Linh write now has nearly 21,000 likes, nearly 9,000 shares, 2,400 comments above. Most of the comments were supportive and deeply passionate about sharing her story.

My Father is still in Nepal, and the estimated date of 1/12 will return to Vietnam. This girl is quite famous, most recently, she survived the avalanche snow worst in 10 years in the Himalayas (Nepal) as 40 people dead.

I find her very exact letter and wanted to meet with me to discuss the wider the field of innovation and comprehensive basic education. I've examined it in Nepal and I saw this letter really good.

Two different country, even GDP / PPP of Vietnam is much higher than Nepal (2013: Vietnam - 358.90 billion, Nepal - 42.06 billion US dollars). But old-school and student learning in the two countries are identical. The comparison of the child completely accurate and rolls limping at all. It is a thoughtful and responsible young woman with a loving heart of education in the country.

I bought the two books bookstore of Nepal Biology (Biology) for students in grades 11 and 12. I am always stunned, not only because the book is written in English and a thick book of over 700 pages (!). Biology textbooks in grades 11 and 12 are only 200 pages printed on little (!).

Looking at the contents saw much deeper, including the presentation of each function of the nucleotides (ATP, ADP, NAD, FAD, NADP, AMP ...), but the resulting material evidence of Nepal, as the protected areas creature ...

I ask you, it is known to have a school system in English (this train many doctors are doing expert for the United Nations) and a Nepali-language school system, but students are learning English as soon from primary school (the training of workers to go out a lot of labor export). So not only English but also raise the people brought money to this country from foreign exchange.

Of course I had to ask how can digest textbook on page 700 at the age of high school students. The answer is that we should think: They 10th grade is considered complete knowledge base (my generation graduated from high school only 9 years). By 11 and 12 they are deep divisions, divided into 4 divisions (Business Administration, Social humanities, mathematics - physics and chemistry - biology).

Each school division has only 4 subjects. So in original Chemical Biology - Biology textbooks are thicker than 700 pages (!). This is what I am determined to propose that we should discuss the matter thoroughly before drafting department programs.

And in this I really want to learn to Nepal to see over 50% of college graduates can not find a suitable job while everyone wants their children to college without having to turn to job training or executive level profession.

We appreciate the English language but where there are many college graduates are good to use this language. The sad thing is that the students learn different languages ​​so the transition to school when the a, b, c from the beginning (!).

I think his decision when Lee Kuan Yew took English is the official language of Singapore before the strenuous objections of the majority of States, local communities more overwhelming in Singapore. Now that the world respected Singapore in many ways have come from conscious decision that he Kuan Yew.

The generation of my parents are French, Russian is my generation. I had to learn two foreign languages, but when the school was determined to learn English and Chinese. English is clear and very Chinese but not just because of their biological world similar to our country, but also because of certain professional or the US, UK, Australia they are very fast service and the price is only 1/10 compared to the original (!) . Of course I had no luck studied carefully as many young people today have to learn the whole, a pretty hard thing and quite limited degree.

I agree with this girl not only because they want to tell the story of their country's culture to the world ... If he is proud of his beautiful house, he must find a way to go through the village, telling the village people know how beautiful his home so they know where to visit, but also because they can not just lie at home, watching the ceiling facing upwards and praising her beautiful home alone is enough. While the world outside, you know how beautiful the house is being built every day. This girl is so beautiful and it's written correctly!

I believe no difficulty about what I want to participate in compiling textbooks, just MOET not monopolize the compilation of programs and textbooks.

I have repeatedly petition the Ministry of Education to allow the assembly of specialized scientific initiative to appoint a program compiled under the direction of the complete socialization and the text-books upon a program perfectly competent authorities adopted a very responsible way.

I think if there is an English language program has adopted the State level under the new rules who want to write books that are not. If this girl, I learned about the biology willing collaborators invited me to write a textbook Biology (I was ready to write if accepted by the appropriate division of the story and the accuracy of the program will adopted).

I do not see teaching English books of Nepal, I would like to talk about biology textbooks in English from Nepal that I have on hand.

They dare to just one person wrote both a textbook and people from the Preface Thank You to 9-10 other scholars about the opinions of experts, one over the English language and a lo story published data.

I totally do not understand is called socialization compiling textbooks, but many require limited number of books compiled and organized into groups to author the approval of the Ministry (!). As I only need a single criterion, it is not misleading than single program has been officially decided. Or longer or bad, failure to successfully complete the market decide.

I watched on the network and are known in the 60s, Korea is one of the poorest countries in Asia. 1968, the South decided to change education by concrete materials of the Japanese textbook on Korean translation and teaching, social studies except as geography, history and literature. Then there are also many critics because of the pride of Korea very high, probably does not compose a set of textbooks.

But they were determined to make, because to have education programs that the Japanese have lost hundreds of years from a training arrangement of western education in accordance with Asian features, starting from the Meiji Hoang.

To shorten the time, there was no way but to take other people's experiences, to also take care of other things too. Since Korea wants to become a new copy of the Japanese economy based on ethnic pride, discipline and ethics of society as a whole.

Exactly 20 years, to 1988, Korea Seoul Olympics, the world does anyone believe his eyes when he saw the Han River feat again so terrible. Cars, motorcycles, textile, chemicals, shipbuilding, electronics, confectionery ... What is the Japanese side with that, even though 1/3 of the population. No one knows in 20 years, the Korean nation was holding hands with the determination of how to escape poverty.

On the television program is only 2 "teaches human" and "teaching work", from the tiny civilization as the smile of a salesman, how to manage the cost of a coffee shop, the way build a factory.

From a people "job", ie foreign firms to locate their factories in South Korea and employers, Korea began to labor scarcity and become the nation go "for", ie building overseas factories and millions of Chinese, Thai, Filipino lined Korean bosses ask them to do. South Korea has succeeded in continuing the ethnic Japanese go for the others.

I do not think we do not write well in English textbooks for students to Vietnam, but refer to the English textbooks of Nepal as suggested by her American Spirit (and many others) are indeed things to do .

"I read English textbooks of Nepalese students from grades 1 to 5.

The first lesson of Nepal's first graders greeting story.

The first lesson of 2nd grade students go to schools to talk.

The first lesson of students in grades 3 day diary recounts her Lilu.

The first lesson of teaching students in grades 4 Be careful you have to know (roughly translated: caution - BT) to the story the boy Raj walked and gaming without notice broken bridge.

The first lesson of 5th graders asked, "What do you want?" and storytelling old father whose child was in prison. He out garden planted potatoes and wished that her son here for his digging holes for planting. So he wrote to his son.

Each unit represents physicians vary in difficulty, sir. Even apart from English, they also have two other subjects Culture and Science - Health is completely written in English and in the student's major subject.

I instantly message about Vietnam, thanks buddy boy ran bookstore, shooting for 1-5 children watch English textbooks teach something. Did you learn anything?

The first lesson taught by SGK 1 Hello. Lessons are taught by two of SGK question "where are you from". Lesson 3 of textbooks teach Hello. The first lesson of SGK 4 teaches the "how're you". The first lesson taught to question 5 of the textbook "where're you from".

I startled doctor, sir. I do not know because the doctor suspects a student's level VN too bad that there is a third question, "hello, how're you, where're you from" we have learned that doctors began to go back to school for 5 years or so learning not?

Or in the preparation of ignorant than to the editor?

Or in our conception, 5 years, 3 learned that sentence is too much then? ".

(From a letter Vo Thi My Linh (Va Li) to the Minister of Education and Training)

By: Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper

Translated from Vietnamese article, you can see the original article in here

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