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What to Take for Camping
What’s the most comfortable time to go camping and enjoy nature? Of course, it depends on one’s taste, but most hiking and camping admirers will say it is summer. Warm and bright weather makes it much easier to walk through the marvelous places and have a lot of fun and excitement alone or with companions in a big roof top tent.
Still, before you start traveling, it’s crucial to know what the essential items are to take with you. What are the inevitable tourism accessories to be in every hiker’s inventory? This article will help you find that out.
Of course, factors defining the contents of your camping backpack are numerous, and most probably, you won’t predict every detail. However, the minimum of accessories all foot travelers should have with them is common for all places, climates, and routes.  
Really Comfortable Backpack
To pack your things somewhere, you might want to have a thing to put them into. It is a touring backpack that every traveler should pick attentively and thoroughly, no matter how they travel: by car or on foot. The success, safety, and comfort of your trip and camping significantly depend on how good your backpack is.
An excellent backpack suits your body and does not irritate it with uncomfortable belts and bands. Usually, worthy touring packs are lightweight and multifunctional, with a large main section and many side pockets. Naturally, quality backpacks by authority brands are not cheap, but they are worth the money. A well-designed backpack is a guarantee of avoided injuries and other unpleasant accidents on your way to the camping site.
Reliable GPS Device
A GPS tracking gadget is not only a matter of comfort. It is vital equipment that will help you orient throughout the route. In case there are woods between you and the camping ground you want to reach, take a reliable GPS device with you at all costs, even if your car has a built-in navigator.
It should not be just your smartphone! Regular phones are great and multifunctional devices you can totally enjoy when you are at home or in the city. However, they are not protected enough to rely on them exclusively during your tour.
It is smart to take your main phone, GPS tracker, and a backup phone with the additional battery. The latter one can be a cheap old-school model with buttons. It’s only to make emergency calls if something unpredicted happens.
First Aid Kit
Regarding the previous paragraph, you might understand that nobody ever knows what expects them in the wild. So, take your first aid kit with you all the time, no matter what happens. When camping with friends, a large group kit is a wise solution, but it’s not universal.
Take your personal pack. It is vital to take all the medicine you need to receive regularly (for example, insulin). In case you’ve got special health requirements, pack additional doses. The best thing is to take twice as much as you need regarding the trip time. You can always store them in your hard shell roof top tent.
Apart from vital medications, every touring kit should contain the following:
Activated charcoal
Camping Crockery
Take care of the heat-resistant crockery to cook and eat meals during the trip and camping itself. In case it’s a one-day camping session, disposable crockery will suit to lighten your backpack significantly. However, if you plan to spend more than two days away from “civilization” and to cover some distance, think about taking a camp crockery set with you.
The Best Roof Top Tent You Can Get
A tent is obviously a necessary touring gear part for any trip that is longer than 12 hours. Don’t forget that a long-distance camping trip means that careful weight management beforehand will bring you multiple benefits later. Consequently, when not traveling by car, you might want to pay extra money to get a tent that is light, water-resistant, well-ventilated, and protected against mosquitoes, other insects, and small animals. On the other hand, car travelers may find it useful to pay attention to this adventure kings roof top tent review.
Your camping menu should be rich in calories. High-calorie meals will feed your body well, and, what’s important, will help you get warm in case the weather is not too hot or suddenly becomes rainy. It’s also critical to calculate your food supplies and take enough for every group member regarding the number of days you’re about to spend camping.
What’s the most dangerous thing for foot tourists these days? It’s dehydration. So, take enough water containers with you, and plan your route to have enough spots to restore water in your inventory.
Camping Knife
Obviously, a good knife at hand increases a tourist’s chances to survive an emergency a lot. But even if an extreme situation never happens, a good knife will be comfortable to have. It can open some cans, cut food and prepare brushwood to make a fire more comfortably.
Practice shows that the most effective combination here is a camping knife and a multitool. These items are not heavy at all, while it is difficult to overestimate their importance.

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