Pho noodle in the highlands

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Người viết: Mèo Kon, ngày 7/15/2017, trong mục "ENGLISH NEWSLETTER"
Tóm tắt: This season, Cao Bang people often prepare pan-fried dishes.

This is in the middle of summer, all over the place under the sun this dazzling fire, blistering hot as rock burning mountain rocks, as hot as fire down the falls. This season, Cao Bang people often prepare pan-fried dishes. Especially the sour noodles (Tuan Nung called the moon) to eat cool. Called pho but eat like cake. You taste tart soups once and then remember a hundred years.

A rotary duck soup in Cao Bang

From the past until now, pho noodle is sold all over the town, town, town, city ... the crowded areas have people. In general, it is a place of gathering. Wherever it is known, this season, it serves to serve diners. Diners are supreme kings. They eat and pay me money. I turn around to make a profit. Why do I just see, just imagine the Cao Bang we are the gourmets most male . Everyone has a delicate mouth to see where it lies. Just say through the smell of phở is known people are in the middle now.

Called phở sour because it does not embarrassing phở like water. Water noodle requires hot food, as hot as you like. It was so hot that the scent of the lips was so full and so the water was boiling in the bowl. Phở nu� water lost less than each other in the broth. The juice must be clear and sweet. The sour soup is the opposite, almost not chan. If there are, then only a few three tablespoons of gourd flour paste drown through enough moisture. This is a distinctive feature of his noodle soup.

Call noodles not sour because it is too sour. Only a little vinegar with a little sauce, a little sugar to the flour and cooked into soup, also known as sauce. But why call pho sour without saying pho synthesis stewed her grandmother sizzle ... installed this is my family is only used to eat leo, can not explain.

Phở sour it requires the corresponding five corresponding to the five elements, wood, water, fire, earth. The Tay people - Nung often say it is the yin and yang balance. Imbalance is the birth of sickness. The noodle bowl is so small, but it has a cosmic universe in it. This new magic skill, can not take lightly just a bowl of pho.

For example, the sour taste of the soup, barberry vinegar, carrots. Spicy chili pepper, pepper ... on the metal, refuse. Salty fish sauce ... in the water, kidney. The sweetness of sugar ... in the field, supplement. The bitterness of suffering through ... the fire, the heart. I heard through the thought of my grandchildren tossing blindness to readers or readers. That is not where. Phở noodle soup is a long-standing tradition, and today's children rely on the experience of their father.

Kim, carpentry, marine, fire, terrestrial capital relatively similar. Just as salty sweet sour bitter love hate each other. It is not just spicy sour pickled spicy sweet salty bowl. It is also necessary to calculate the rate for each mouth to eat. So, in some respects, the stewed noodle soup owners accidentally simultaneously a pharmacy of authentic medicine.

Although pho noodles are cold food, the accompanying side dishes require hot, even fried. Sour noodles are not as fast as water noodles. That slow food do, fast food. Just do, just listen, look at your hands to add spice to the level. Just chewing, just think crispy, salty, sweet, sour degree. This hand sprinkled some noodles of puffed rice noodles in the bowl . Take a handful of amnesty (Kinh people call the boiled only, yellow gold), just a little stomach, golden liver is just a little, a little giong fried crispy, a little roasted peanuts ... on top Mouth bowl to balance harmony.

Especially there must be a small pinch of mint leaves, with a slight odor on the top. Without that, it is considered to reduce the value of half a bowl of sour soup. The bowl of pho is worth thirty, we should only pay a dozen people. There are two dozen fines for not having mint leaves. If hand to any kind of herbs do not change, will lose the smell characteristic odor.

I see the great giants of modern day, they often call phở sour every morning. Phở sour, in my opinion, the best still only in Pac-giang (Quang Nguyen). This is a city on the outside looks quiet, but deep inside the crowded riot. The restaurant here is supposed to be, but not every place is equally delicious.

Keep an eye out to see which row full of seats before entering. Even, there are many days to stand waiting queue all the painful shoulder pain. Because sour beef requires sophisticated on raw materials and processing. Bread noodle not too thick and also should not thin. Cake to where it goes. Bread noodles not only need enough moisture to delight the tongue, but also the smell of fresh rice. The fresh rice is the rice that has the fresh smell of bran, the new milling just finished.

Phở sour chicken soup crushed the other local noodle. It has been in the French colonial era. Someone went all day long deep hun smoke, to Pac Chau bowl of sour soup and then return.

A bowl of pho in the highlands

The summer is so hot, and people like to eat hot duck soup. Novelty It's a complete noodle soup. The broth is boiled water. Duck meat is thick and thick with the uniform matchbox. Duck eggs are boiled into chambers. The ducklings are ready to pack. Liver duck Duck duck. Black duck fat black like oil luyn. The restaurant is very poisonous with a duck smell. The meat knife also gave off the sound of a mole like a duck making love.

Phở sour must meet the corresponding five corresponding to the five elements, wood, water, fire, earth. The Tay people - Nung often say it is the yin and yang balance

Who once was eating duck noodle, eat and remember that crave. Do you know. The unique duck soup is thanks to his fragrance float. His buoy, exactly it is the jar of jewelry. It can be said no, duck is a species that likes to do red. Before he swam, or waddle, they used their beak to hit the buoy, spraying the ball to make a good impression. Then it smeared well on the wings, on the neck, on the breastbones ... so that the shining hair color bright.

Oh dear green blue duck, it is beautiful to dazzle, beautiful size ecstatic. It is so beautiful that no talented artist can duplicate the color. Phao is a special dish. Must be a gourmet to find new call. Otherwise only. Called beauty latent, it never suddenly reveals itself.

Pho delicious thanks to the duck meat. The Tay Nung we have the sentence: "Woan is a stigma, it is a pity." Translation: There is no meat in duck meat. There is no affection that is intimate love with sisterhood. Eating duck soup is eating sisterhood. Should taste stick together as glue. It's hard to break up. Even though he grinds his teeth, the noodles stick together in his mouth. It's still sticky. As human love is indivisible.

According to Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper

Translated from Vietnamese article, you can see the original article in here

Dissertation abstracts: Development of human resources in Tourism in the South Central Coast and Highlands

Purposes of study: On the basis of the theory and practical survey, the Thesis has suggested some solutions to the development of human resources in Tourism so as to meet the requirements on tourism development till 2020 of the provinces in the South Central Coast and Highlands. ... Xem chi tiết

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