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What is the Malaysian odds? How to catch and view accurate odds

If you are looking to understand Malaysian Odds - one of the most popular betting odds of interest to many people today, then this article is for you.

Let's explore the advantages, disadvantages, betting tips win and reasons why you should choose to play these odds with me.

What is Malaysian odds?

This was originally just a term for a specific type of betting in soccer, similar to the usual types of bets in the betting market.

The Malaysian odds (Malay odds) can also be used to analyze the indicators in a match through the information of the teams in the game.

The odds for these Malay odds are typically measured in units of 1.00, similar to the Indonesian odds that are commonly chosen by people in Asia, especially in Vietnam.

Features and advantages of Malaysian odds


If you choose to play and learn about these odds, you will find that this is an easy soccer bet to 100 sure home win prediction, and the form of betting and winning money is also quite straightforward.

If you win the bet, you will receive the entire amount of money bet back, plus the winnings.

Conversely, if you lose, the money you bet corresponding to the odds placed will "disappear".

The unique point of Malaysian odds is that this betting method is completely opposite to the odds in the US and Indonesia.

That is, if the positive value in the US and Indo is negative, then in the Malaysian odds it is positive, and vice versa.

Moreover, these are the odds widely used in betting on many major international football tournaments, such as the English Premier League.

However, you need to be aware of the two main types of Malaysian odds, such as positive Malay odds and negative odds as follows:

When placing a bet with positive odds: "Bet amount x Odds = Profit".

When dealing with negative odds: "Bet amount / Betting odds = Profit".

The most popular types of Malaysian odds in soccer

Similar to many other types of football betting in the market, Malaysian odds offer various betting options:

Level ball – half ball handicap (0 – ¼)

Level handicap (0 – ½)

Half ball or one ball handicap (0 – ¾)

Draw bet (both teams are even)

2-way draw bet (2-2 handicap)

One ball handicap, lose half ball (1 – 1 ¼)

Upper door bet, one and a half ball handicap (1 – 1 ½)

Upper door bet, one ball handicap with a quarter loss (1 – 1 ¾)

With so many different odds, it requires you to invest in and understand the matches clearly. It's important to thoroughly understand the strength of each team before placing bets to increase the chances of winning.

How to view Malaysian odds “no adjustment needed”

Step 1: Research and choose a reputable bookmaker

Searching for a reputable football betting site is a long journey. If you are passionate about Malaysian odds, it becomes even more challenging since currently, not many bookmakers offer betting with these odds.

However, to save time and help you have the best experience, you can visit the reputable bookmaker review section right below.

Step 2: Understand the terms in the odds table

After finding a suitable bookmaker, proceed to access the odds table in their system. Typically, it will appear in the odds frame and be named Malaysia.

If you can't find it, you may proactively contact the support team for detailed guidance. However, there are some symbols you should know before accessing and proceeding with betting, such as:

TIME: The expected time of the match

TODAY: Matches with this symbol will take place today

MATCHES: Symbol indicating the matches

HDP: The symbol for Handicap bets

H: Home symbol indicating the home team

A: Away symbol indicating the away team

Over: This is the symbol for O, indicating the over bet (upper bet) of the match

Under: This is the symbol for U, indicating the under bet (lower bet) of the match

Full Time: The actual match duration

First Half: Refers to the first half of the soccer match

LIVE: The match is being recorded and broadcasted live

Early: The following days of the soccer matches.

How to read Malaysian odds correctly for every match

To be able to increase your winning odds, being able to read the odds correctly is a must. Therefore, let's learn how to read the standard odds of Malay odds through these real-life examples.

If Manchester United is favored over Crystal Palace with a handicap of one goal, when you bet on Manchester United then:

  • If Manchester United wins over Crystal Palace by exactly one goal difference, the bet amount will be refunded.

  • If Manchester United wins over Crystal Palace by a difference of two goals or more, you will win the bet (whatever amount you bet, you will double it).

  • If the result is a draw between Manchester United and Crystal Palace, or Manchester United loses, then you will lose the amount you had previously bet.

Specific examples of Malaysian odds and how to win money

Example 1:

The Brazil national team plays against the Spain national team with the current betting odds allowing a bet of 0.90, and you proceed to place a bet of 50,000 VND on the option that both teams will score during the match.

In this case, if both teams do score, you will win 45,000 VND (Odds of 0.9) plus 50,000 VND of your initial stake ⇒ The total winning amount from the bet will be 95,000 VND.

Example 2:

If the favorite team is Inter Milan with odds of -0.71 and the underdog is AC Milan with odds of 0.43, and you want to bet 200,000 VND on the favorite, you will win 281,690 VND in profit if Inter Milan wins. (200,000 VND bet divided by the odds of -0.71).

Example 3:

You place a bet on Lionel Messi with odds of 1.00 for any goal scored in the match. Additionally, you bet 30,000 VND for each time the Argentina team scores a goal, then the total amount you will receive includes:

30,000 VND bet x 1.00 odds = 30,000 VND profit.

This means that if Messi scores any more goals, you will receive an additional 30,000 VND of your initial stake, making the total value in your account 60,000 VND.


In Malaysian odds, a winning rate over 50% is recorded as 1.00 to represent a one-to-one payout. If you have placed a bet at this level, the total amount you can win will be equal to the amount you had previously bet.

Additionally, you can also convert Malaysian odds to decimal odds for a simpler way of calculating money.

I will share this calculation method with you in another article in more detail and completeness.

Experience in betting on Malaysian odds effectively and accurately

Understand the information about the teams playing

Knowing the strength of each team in the competition can improve your research and betting process.

Not only does it help you calculate reasonable odds, but it also helps you control the risks that may occur in the matches.

However, team competition information is not always widely available and provided by many websites. Therefore, when you want to learn about team information, you can access reputable football websites or forums, or use the best prediction app in the world to see the most complete and detailed statistics.

Know when to place bets decisively

A miss is as good as a mile. Therefore, adjusting the betting time, especially in football betting, is particularly important.

At each odds release moment, there are three different stages you need to pay attention to: early, middle, and late.

Each stage, the situation of the match will have different changes that you need to focus on to decide the outcome of your bet.

Typically, industry experts believe that the golden time to bet in football is 2 hours before the match takes place.

Even though the match has not started, the form of the players and the team layout are already clear.

At this time, you will have a better understanding of the "high-low division" between the two teams.

Additionally, you must decisively "lock in your bet," and not hesitate to miss out on rare good opportunities.

So, these are some pieces of information you should know about Malaysian odds to be able to place accurate and correct bets to achieve the highest possible rate of sure home win predictions. Enhance your betting experience with our top-notch advice. Dive into a world of winning opportunities by joining our free vip betting tips telegram today. Your gateway to smarter betting starts here!


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